about vgj


Who we are

VGJ is a professional esports organization owned by NBA star Jeremy Lin, China Digital Culture & Vici Gaming. VGJ is composed of two Dota 2 teams: VGJ.Thunder in China and VGJ.Storm in North America.

North america + China

With experience in traditional sports, entertainment & esports, VGJ can tap into three major industries. Bridging the gap between North America and China provides a unique marketing opportunity no other esports team has access to.


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VGJ team performance 2017-2018

VGJ has qualified and competed internationally at multiple live tournaments in the current season. Below are some key standout performances:

  • Galaxy Battles II : 1st Place
  • Bucharest Major: 2nd Place
  • GESC Indonesia Minor: 2nd Place
  • Starladder Invitational Minor: 2nd Place
  • WCA North America Finals: 1st Place

Combined winnings in 2017-2018 before The International 8: $583,000